Issues in Social Security– Proof of Marital relationship

Social Security requires as part of the application for Widows benefits that she show proof of marital relationship. India might not discover her marriage certificate. She asked for a copy from the Bureau of Important Statistics in the state where she and Vance were married and was told they had no record of her marriage.

Social Security tries to assist individuals who are looking for benefits in any way that they can to get the paperwork a claimant needs to get advantages. When you can not supply primary files when looking for benefits they will take secondary proof of privilege. In this situation, Social Security guidelines state that they will accept the following as alternate proof of ceremonial marital relationship:
– A signed statement from the clergy or other official who performed the marital relationship; or

In the circumstances of same sex marital relationship, a complaintant for benefits can not satisfy the gender-based definition of partner required of the federal law. So for all functions concerning Social Security claims an individual that does not fulfill the meaning of a partner is ineligible for benefits even though they wed in a state that acknowledges very same sex marriages.
There are also policies and case law which show how to offer evidence of common law marital relationship. There are few scenarios that have not been at problem with Social Security. If you are having problems showing your case, speak with legal counsel experienced in managing social security cases. You can appeal any choice social security makes on your claim for advantages.